Christmas Vacation in Lefkada: a Guide for Christmas Events.

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Christmas Vacation in Lefkada: a Guide for Christmas Events.



Lefkada is in Christmas Mood! Various Christmas events to enjoy your vacation.

All cities around the world are decorated for Christmas period. If you choose Lefkada for your Christmas Vacation, The Dynasty Villas offers you a guide to know everything about Christmas celebration in Lefkada. Here you will find various events, bazaar and activities that you can do to spent your time with happiness.


  • December 23: Kid’s Santa run 

The Athletic Association of Lefkada organize a charity race  »Kids Santa Run » for elementary school at the Central Square of Lefkada at 18:00 pm. This charity race was inspired from the Santa Run for adults, conducted in several European countries and Greek cities.


  • Christmas melodies from the choir «Nea Chorodia»

In the Church of Evangelistria you will have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas carols from the Music and Dance Association of Lefkada  »Nea Chorodia ». The choir start at 20:00 pm.


  • December 24: Christmas Bazaars 

The Motorcyclists Association of Lefkada organize every Christmas Eve a charity bazaar. This traditional bazaar you can find in the Central Square of Lefkada at 09:00 am to 15: 00 pm.

Additionally, the Music School of Preveza organize a Christmas Bazaar at 10:00 in the Christmas Village municipality of Preveza.


  • December 28: Christmas Events

The Association of Russian-speaking and Friends of Russian culture invites all children in the festive Christmas tree. The event will be held in the Cultural Center at 17:30 pm.

Moreover, the Cultural Association of Sfakiotes  »Foteinos »  organize a revival Christmas customs in the Central Square at 18:00 pm.

  • Activities 

From December 22 until January 8 in front of the National Bank you will find a ‘’house’’ for painting activities.

Last but not least, an activity we all love at winter, Ice skate. You can enjoy Ice skate with your family and friends in the Central Square of Lefkada.

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