“Lefkada the authentic: 10 unique experiences offered by the Ionian island (part 1)”

Live the unique experience of Lefkada! All things to see and do in the ionian island!
July 7, 2016
Lefkas International Folklore Festival
April 20, 2017

“Lefkada the authentic: 10 unique experiences offered by the Ionian island (part 1)”

Article from the No 1 Greek men magazine “Manslife”

Wednesday, September 14, 2016 – 18:24 – Antonia Malliari

Lefkada the authentic: 10 unique experiences offered by the Ionian island (part 1)











Every island has its own identity, and so does this island. Lefkada, for which I will make an extensive special edition, has its own secrets, its own colors and its own flavors.
Lefkada therefore remains in the heart of visitors of any age and culture as it has numerous things you can do and see when you’re found on this wonderful island.

Favorite beaches in the west


Definitely one can admire the sunset better from the west side of the island where are the most beautiful beaches that beckon even the most skeptical ones. Some of my favorite, yet the most famous, are Porto Katsiki, Pefkoulia and Kathisma, one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the island with a lot of beach bars, but also Megali Petra and Ayali. Eventually one has to visit Egremnoi beach, having to descend 100-350 steps to get there as it is surrounded by large cliffs.

Myths and Legends of Cape Lefkata


The whole island owes its name to this place. Huge white rocks cover the spot. However, what characterizes this place is the legend that lovers fell down the cliffs with first the poetess Sappho who was killed there because of her love for Phaona. The legend also says that in ancient times criminals were thrown down there for purification but there were also human sacrifices.

The history of the Philharmonic band


The music tradition of the Ionian islands is evident in each of them separately. However, concerning Lefkada, it has the second oldest Philharmonic band, founded in 1850. It struck up for the revival of the Olympic Games in 1896. While in 1983 it was awarded by the Academy of Athens. Today its members exceed 1000 and has about 100 students.



Speaking one for wines in Lefkada, he immediately understands that he refers to the two unique varieties grown only on this island. The first variety is Vertzami covering most of the mountainous vineyards of the island. This wine is a senior and has a bright red color. The second wine variety of the island is called Varthea.

West pier


Here everyone can enjoy ouzo and coffee in the street named after Angelos Sikelianos. Without missing to be photographed on the famous bridge where all visitors have at least one coveted photo.
Lefkada really hides unique beauties and settlements you should definitely discover. One of these settlements is Sivota, a picturesque fishing village with intense traditional character and unique natural beauty pictures to browse. There, at Sivota Lefkada, are located The Dynasty Villas, the fully-equipped private villas with private pool and tennis court, where if you choose to stay for a few days in the summer, they promise to offer you unparalleled luxury moments in the magical Ionian island! For more information about Dynasty Villas click HERE!




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