Lefkas International Folklore Festival

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Lefkas International Folklore Festival

  The International Folklore Festival of Lefkada island is being organized for over 50 years since 1962 to be precise. This is a statute which promotes, since its birth in 1962 ideas such as peace, friendship as well as the solidarity of the world’s nations through some folk art forms of dance and music.

Lefkada’s International Folklore Festival is the oldest cultural institution of Greece, in the fields of dance and music, traditional heritage of the world, with national and international recognition.

Since the 60’s there has been a participation from over a thousand groups from all over the world, as well as our country. To be exact, over 800 foreign dancers come each year to present their show and to compete with other countries.

This Festival takes place during the last week of August, from Sunday until Sunday, and begins with a big parade for peace and friendship during the day, the evening opening ceremony, where all groups are being introduced. Then each day these groups appear and show their work and finally, at the end of the week we have the magnificent closing ceremony, the traditional exchange of gifts and the final show which includes the peace dance where all the groups participate together.

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