Sport tourism in Lefkas

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Sport tourism in Lefkas

Sport tourism in Lefkas

Lefkada is active in sports in many fields (martial arts, athletics, football, basketball) taking part in several sports between clubs and national championships, and many of its athletes have thrived in major sports events.

There are many local clubs, both in the villages and in the mainland of the island, promoting the idea of sport and employing children and young people, as there is great interest from the local community in participating in them.

  • Tilikratis (football team)
  • Panlefkadios (football team)
  • Niki Lefkadas (women’s basketball team)
  • Doxa Lefkadas (men’s basketball team)
  • Athletic Club of Lefkada “Filadros” (athletics)
  • Gymnastics Club of Lefkada (athletics)
  • Motorcycle Club of Lefkada (motorcycle)
  • Efleas of Lefkada (martial arts)
  • Elpides (volleyball)

Athletic Events and Games in Lefkada

Within the limits of the wider concept of “sports tourism”, the organization and monitoring of sporting events is also included. Throughout the year, big sports events – institutions that attract professionals and amateur athletes from all over the world – are organized throughout the island by local clubs.

Lefkada’s  Green Semi-Marathon

This is a very important sporting event that takes place since 2011 from Lefkada’s Sports Club “Filandros” in collaboration with SEGAS of Western Greece, the Municipality of Lefkada and the Hellenic Federation of People’s Sports and Broadcasting Associations.

It takes place in late May and includes a range of routes (from 1000 to 21,097 m) in and around the city of Lefkada. More than 1000 athletes from around the world are taking part, and a significant number of volunteers help keep it running smoothly.

Race on Mountain Road (Lefkas Trail Running)


It was first held in October 2014 by the Nikiana Association of Professional and Environmental Protection and the Lefkada Finandros Athletic Club with the participation of 184 athletes from all over Greece. Athletes are required to cover routes of varying mileage with departure and termination at the port of Nikiana after they have ascended to the Skara Mountain in a specially modified route. There is also a special route for children.

This is a very important sporting event, not just in the sport field, but also in the wider promotion of the rare Scaron oak forest and its protection from various illegal uses and interventions as well as the waking of the state for its protection.

Ionian games of Lefkada.

These are stadium matches organized since 2011 by the Lefka’s Gymnastics Club, in collaboration with EAS Epirus and the Municipality of Lefkas. They are dedicated to the Union of the Ionian Islands and for this reason they have been given this specific name. These Games are organized either the previous or the next weekend from the anniversary of the Union (May 21st). The racing schedule includes 50 events of all categories and almost all of the kinds of the stadium races. Athletes from all over Greece take part in the games, in various athletic events.


These are the athletics matches that take place in 2011 in the village of Tsoukalades by the Cultural Association of Tsoukalades, with the collaboration of other sports clubs of the island, in honor of the Balkan winner and champion of Greece σφαιροβόλου Elias Verginis who originated there.

Lefkada’s mountain biking games.

They were organized with great success for the first time in 2012, under the name LEFKADA MTB OPEN RACE, with participation of athletes from all over Greece. They took place in the villages of Sfakiotion in mountainous Lefkada by and the Cultural Association of Sfakiotion “Fotinos”. The race was 17km and was conducted on rural and forest roads, paths and alleys of the villages.

Sporting activities in Lefkada.

Visitors to the island and sports enthusiasts have a choice of a wide range of sports activities during their stay on the island.


In Vassiliki, the most famous tourist resort of southern Lefkada, as well as the Venetian olive grove of the city of Lefkada, there are organized horse riding clubs. In addition to riding lessons, they also offer hikes with horses on paths in the plain and the beach of Vassiliki, on the paths of Eleonas and the beach of Saint John west of the city but also outside the town, the gorge of Melissa as well as the paths of the nearby villages Frini and Tsoukalades.



An extreme bold sport that gives you the ability to feel free like birds, flying with the help of air currents, with the help of experienced operators. In Lefkada there is this possibility on the famous beach Kathisma and in the villages of Exanthia and Kalamitsi. From a specially shaped hill above the beach and respectively in the village, the air “walk” begins and the landing takes place at the beaches of Kathisma and Gaidaros of Kalamitsi. A sport that all and most fanatical friends earn and is very popular on the island.

Mountain Bike.

The bicycle, a favorite means of the island’s residents, especially in the city of Lefkada and the villages, is the ideal choice to get to know the beauties of the island and at the same time it is a great way to practice.

There are many bicycle rental centers in the capital city, Nydri and Vassiliki and there are many routes depending on the difficulty that one can follow.

We suggest in the city and around it

  • The stunning route from the entrance of the island and the castle of Agia Mavra to the west, making the lap of the lagoon alongside the opposite beach of Gyra to Myloi and Agios Ioannis.
  • The cool route between the paths of the Venetian Eleonas and the settlements of Apolphe and Frini.
  • The route to the Monastery of Faneromeni and the village of Tsoukalades, an uphill route that compensates for the view of the city.
  • Another uphill route from Apopella to Melissa Gorge seeing the unspoilt nature of the island
  • The route to the village of Karyotes, the archaeological site of Neriko on the word Koulmos and the salt pits of Alexander.

On the rest of the island.

  • From Nydri to the waterfalls of Dimosari
  • From Nydri to the church of Agia Kyriaki passing through Vlychos and along the bay and the settlement of Geni.
  • Mountain trails in the villages of Sfakioti, the plain of Karya and the western edges of the Skaras.
  • Mountain trails on the plateau of Agios Donatos.
  • Routes in southern Lefkada for small beaches, in Sivota and Vasiliki.,
  • Routes to the west of the island from the beautiful villages overlooking the Ionian Sea to Lefkata Cape.


Motorcyclist lovers will find a valuable ally in their visit to Lefkada, as members of the SU. MO. L. are at their disposal to show them amazing routes on the island. The Association organizes events throughout the year that promote safe motorcycle rides with excursions inside and outside the island.

Mountaineering / Hiking / Paths

The island does not have a mountaineering club, but the neighboring Mountaineering Club of Preveza with many active members from Lefkada organizes and always includes excursions to the island in its program. The scenery of the island, creates splendid landscapes and has endless and small beaches, many bays, meadows and plains, plateaus, gorges and various nature mountains. Among these, there is an extensive network of paths that either existed and served the needs of the inhabitants in the past, or were opened and maintained by the care of local clubs in order to get acquainted with the nature of Lefkada.

From both the town of Lefkada and every village there are suggestions for hiking on the island, with various levels of difficulty that even amateur hikers can meet.

Only a few suggestions can be mentioned here as we believe that the whole island, in every place, is suitable for hiking.

  • Path from the Venetian Eleonas to the Monastery of Faneromeni.
  • Path in the Bee Gorge.
  • Path from Nikiana to the Skara mountain.
  • Route from Nydri to the waterfalls of Dimosaris.
  • Route from Vlychos to the chapel of Agia Kyriaki ,.
  • Route from the village of Syvros to the Kerasia and Andalex springs, the Karouha cave and the forest of Dafni.
  • Route and path from the village of Marantochori to Lake Marantochori.
  • Path from Vassiliki to Agiofili beach.
  • Path from the village of Agios Petros to the village of Roupakia and the villages of Nikolaos and Monassi.
  • Route from the village of Kalamitsi to the church of Panagia Kipi and the beaches of the village.
  • Path from the village of Enluvi to the plateau of Agios Donatos and the chapel of Prophet Elias.
  • Route from Karya to the old settlement of Rekatsinata.
  • Path from the village of Agios Nikitas to the beach of Mulos.

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