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There are many options on boat hire in Lefkada including taking your own boat out (a smaller boat which does not need a license) to taking a larger yacht. Ask us and we can accommodate your needs depending on the situation.

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Vassiliki in the south is the Mecca for windsurfers. The winds pick up every afternoon and the surfers take to the water. Ask us to arrange for the best instructors with the newest equipment and to get the Dynasty discount prices for you.

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The beach of Agios Giannis is perfect for kite surfers who come every year from all over the world to improve their skills. There are schools of kite surfing at Agios Giannis and we can arrange to set you up and make you an expert kiter.

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There are organized Diving centers are operating in Lefkada, arranging diving excursions. The diving centres offer all the diving opportunities with an escort of qualified divers. To enjoy this unforgettable experience let us know so that we can arrange according to your needs.

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If you enjoy water games, then you will have lots of fun in the watersports in Lefkada. Most Lefkada watersports centers are found in the popular beaches of the island, such as the beaches of Nidri and Vassiliki. This is where visitors can find various water games, from private sailing boats and canoes to jet skiing, water skiing, wake boarding, bananas and turbo rides.

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The horse back riding lessons can take on to the Beach of Mikros Giallos or to the Onassis Peninsula. Usually the riding lessons last 45 minutes.

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You have the opportunity for a mountain bike experience. You can hire a bike and follow paths in the woods, in the mountains, do a tour of the island and see all the villages and beaches.


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For everyone who loves extreme sports we invite to come and experience Paragliding in Lefkada, Greece. There are tour packages for paragliders and paragliding-tandem flights for first time flyers.


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1) Hiking in the Forest of Skaros

Hike to the top of mountain Skaros to admire the view, where Ulysses used to take his sheep. The forest of Skaros is one of the most important natural habitats of Lefkada. We’ll hike from the village of Nikiana and the lush green valley and follow the beautiful trail to Skaros and the remnants of an ancient oak forest. After a short break to admire the stunning views of the bay.

The hill is one of the most beautiful places in the island’s inland with rare flora, a forest of an unspoiled oak with impressive geological features.Those who reach the end of the hill you will be rewarded by a fantastic view of the ‘Prigiponisia’ Islands of Lefkada (Skorpios, Skorpidi, Sparti, Madouri etc.). From the forest it passes the path of Lefkas Trail Run, which is organized every year. In the Sterna area of the forest you will find rocks in strange shapes known as Rocks of Skaros.

2) Hiking in the Nidri Waterfalls through Dimossari Canyon

Just outside of the town of Nidri you’ll find an incredible rocky walkway that leads down into the breathtaking Dimossari Canyon. A narrow river runs parallel to the pathway and as you head deeper into the dense forest area, you’ll be greeted by the sound of rushing water. Further down the trail you’ll come across Rachi Waterfall, a stunning location with crisp, fresh water pools that are perfect for a swim.

Nidri Waterfalls

Walk from Rachi to Nidri Waterfalls

You can explore the island on foot and enjoy the marvelous views, forest paths, mountain climbs and beach walks. During your route you will meet local people who will be always happy to give you advice or information on your route


The Dynasty Villas have a private tennis court in the premises that can be used for free by all occupants. In addition, a tennis instructor can offer private lessons for all ages.