Spring at Lefkas

Lefkada Weather and Activities: The perfect destination not only for summer but for every season of the year
April 24, 2017
Sport tourism in Lefkas
May 14, 2017

Spring at Lefkas

Spring is the best time of the year to visit the island of Lefkas. The colors and fragrances of nature are all over the place, showing off her regeneration and invite you to experience it.

Sport events

Sports and sports events in general are honored on the island every spring. One of the most popular sporting events is the Green Semi-Marathon that was first organized in 2011 and was dedicated to Leucadios Hern. It is organized by Lefkas sports club called Filandros, in collaboration with EAS Epirus, the municipality of Lefkas and the Greek federation of popular mass sports and over-distance. It takes place every year in May and includes a number of routes (1000m to 21,097m) around and within the city of Lefkada. More than 1000 athletes from around the world are participating and a significant number of volunteers are helping to conduct it.

Another very important sporting event is the Ionian Games. These are stadium matches organized since 2011 by the Lefka’s Gymnastics Club, in collaboration with EAS Epirus and the Municipality of Lefkas. They are dedicated to the Union of the Ionian Islands and for this reason they have been given this specific name. These Games are organized either the previous or the next weekend from the anniversary of the Union (May 21st). The racing schedule includes 50 events of all categories and almost all of the kinds of the stadium races. Athletes from all over Greece take part in the games, in various athletic events. Information on matches can be found on the Gymnastics Club’s website here: www.gslefkadas.gr

Cultural and other events

Cultural events and Lefkada are synonymous every time of the year.

During the spring months in Lefkada, the visitor has the opportunity to attend a variety of events. Meetings and news briefings, presentations of new publications, photo and art exhibitions, concerts, choral nights and music meetings as well as many other events from clubs and shops await you to watch them.

Special events are held for the World Week of Poetry by the active Reading Club of Lefkas Literature Association for those who love poetry.

While you can always see the religious, historical and cultural monuments of the island.

But also in the villages, the local cultural associations always find excuses for gatherings of any kind and organize environmental organizations, information gatherings and celebrations.

Union of Ionian Islands

The Union of the Ionian Islands with Greece on May 21, 1864 celebrates with great honor and many events across all the islands of the Ionian Sea. Celebrations are almost all throughout May. They include art exhibitions, concerts, choir nights, traditional dancing nights, the well-known concert from Lefkada’s  Philharmonic Society, praises and speeches. At the same time there are many events open to the public by schools and other institutions of the island.

Events also take place at the villages of Lefkada, such as Nydri, Vassiliki and Karya, with traditional dancing evenings, speeches and more.

May Day

A day with many interpretations is the first of May. Day of holiday, strike day,  but also a day-excuse for excursions in the spring nature which is overflowing with beauty, colors and fragrances.

Whatever you want to celebrate, Lefkada gives you all the opportunities you need! If you wish to take part in trade union events surely  you can, since the island is also leading this part. After that you can find out about the events that all local cultural clubs are organizing at the island’s  best country sides. Feasts are organized in the countryside with food and Lefkadian wine, with dance from local traditional dance clubs. A spring experience worthwhile to experience.

Original events are organized by the Cultural Association of Platystom in the monastery of the Red Church, the professional club of Nikiana in the scenery of the Skara Mountains, the waterfalls in Nydri, the Rekatsinata in Karya, etc.

Religious and National Holidays

Besides Easter that go to Lefkas mentions in a special text, during the spring, visitors are also able to take part in the events that happen during other celebrations on the island.

The national anniversary of March 25th and the celebrations of the Annunciation are celebrated throughout the island with special events. In the city, watch the children’s parade under the sounds of Lefkada’s Philharmonic Society, speeches and other events, and then enjoy the spring day together with local people who come to town. That kind of events take place in every village on the island, especially at Nydri, Vassiliki and Karya.

On May 3rd, the island celebrates the memory of Saints Timothy and Mavra. Agia Mavra is legally associated with the island since she lent her name to the island for about four centuries. The small picturesque chapel of the homonymous castle at the entrance of the island, awaits the faithful in the Panigyrian Ecclesiasm and later in the tour of the historic castle.

Another special feast in Lefkada island, is the transfer of the Holy Relics of Saint Nicholas from the island,back in 1087 AD. It is celebrated on May 10th and is a special day for Lefkada, as the small chapel of Agios Nikolaos, which is located at the homonymous island, is open for the public. The feast takes place just before the entrance of the island that approaches the eve with traditional boats. The island was the retreat of Angelos Sikelianos and his first wife, Eva Palmer, and is also known as the “island of Sikelianos”. A simple and honorable religious celebration that will surely will not be forgotten by you.

On the same day, the historic monastery of Agios Nikolaos is celebrated in Nira, just before the lighthouse. A festive celebration with the warm hospitality of the senior women and the amazing view of the monastery’s whereabouts. Exactly on its exterior space, do not forget to visit the stone cellars that their construction goes back to Mycenaean years.

Rivers and waterfalls


They have their honor at this time. They overflow with water that travels through the riverbeds with the aim of sinking the sea.

In its course the water creates imposing gorges, lush valleys and unique small and big waterfalls that impress. Starting from the famous canyons of Melissa and Dimosari, walk on their paved paths and discover old watermills and beautiful rocky sculptures that have created the water and be mesmerized by the variety of plant life which thrives at this time of the year.

if you want something more “unknown”, look for the gorge of Akon, the lakes and the waterfalls of Siros (Kerasia, Drosia, Larnaca, Archontiko) and Roupakia.

Wild, rare orchids and a multitude of wildflowers, herbs and blooming trees will look like a living painting all around you and you will simply cannot stop enjoy the scenery.

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